2013 BCerS Meeting

Download the pdf program of the 2013 meeting

2013 BCerS Meeting

The 2013 Annual meeting of BCerS was held in University of Hasselt on 19th april 2013 and brought together 51 participants.
Thirteen speeches and fifteen posters were presented in the field of inorganic materials.

The "Student Speech Contest" and "Best Thesis Contest" took place this year during the meeting.

We are pleased to congratulate the laureate of the 2013 Student Speech Contest, Dorian DESCHUYTENEER from BCRC and the laureate of the 2013 Ph. D. Contest, Bert CONINGS from UHasselt.
Dorian Deschuyteneer will represent Belgium to the Student Speaking Contest organized by the European Ceramic Society in Limoges (France) on June 23-27, 2013 during the ECerS XIII conference.

Left : Dorian Deschuytener, Student speech contest 2013 winner - Right : Bert Conings, Best Ph. D. contest 2013 winner
Both are congratulated by Omer Van der Biest, President of the BCeRS.

To obtain the abstracts of the conference, please click here.


Prof. Sanjay MATHUR from  Institute of Inorganic Chemistry ‐ University of Cologne

Presenting « Chemically Engineered Nanoceramics for Energy and Health Applications »

Prof. Vera MEYNEN from Laboratory of Adsorption and Catalysis ‐ UAntwerpen

Presenting « Controlled synthesis and modification of porous materials, designing materials properties tailored to their application »
Christopher DE DOBBELAERE from UHasselt

Presenting  « Low temperature deposition of metal oxide  films: A challenge for the aqueous solution‐gel route »

Danny VANPOUCKE from UGhent

Presenting « Investigation of tunable buffer layers for coated superconductors: from solid state physics to quantum chemistry »
Bert CONINGS from UHasselt

Presenting  « Photovoltaic cells based on zinc oxide nanorod arrays and poly (3‐hexylthiophene) »


Presenting « Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS): Evaluation of a rapid sintering method and of its applicability to technical ceramics and composites »
Linny BAETEN from UHasselt

Presenting  « Nanorod metal oxide based electrodes
and their application in hybrid photovoltaics »

Fei ZHANG from KULeuven

Presenting « Low temperature degradation of 3Y‐TZP prepared from Y2O3 coated ZrO2 starting powder »
Anke KELCHTERMANS from UHasselt
Presenting « Relation between synthesis conditions, dopant position and charge carriers in aluminium‐doped ZnO nanoparticles »


Presenting « Influence of laser parameters on microstructure, hardness and wear resistance of NiCrBSi/WC coatings made by laser cladding »

Despoina VRIAMI from KULeuven

Presenting : « Magnetic Field Oriented Tetragonal Zirconia using electrophoretic deposition and reactive synthesis »

Hanne DAMM from UHasselt

Presenting « Solution processing of Al‐doped ZnO nanoparticles and functional coatings »
Emilie BOULAY from ULBruxelles

Presenting « Crystallization behavior of fresnoite in the BaO‐TiO2‐SiO2 system »