2014 BCerS Meeting

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2014 BCerS Meeting

The 2014 Annual meeting of BCerS was held at the University of Gent on 23rd October 2014 and brought together 46 participants. Fifteen speeches and seven posters were presented in the field of inorganic materials.

The "Student Speech Contest" and "Best Thesis Contest" also took place this year during the meeting.

The jury of the Student Speech contest : Anne Leriche (UVHC), Jan Luyten (KULeuven) and Francis Cambier (BCRC)

We are pleased to congratulate the laureate of the 2014 Student Speech Contest, Katrien De Keukeleere from UGent with her presentation «Zirconia nanocrystals: effect of metal precursor on the crystalline phase and surface chemistry» and the laureate of the 2014 Best Thesis Contest, Olivier Malek from KULeuven who presented «Electrical Discharge Machinable Ceramic Composites».
Katrien De Keukeleere will represent Belgium to the Student Speaking Contest organized by the European Ceramic Society in Toledo (Spain) on June 21-25, 2015 during the ECerS XIV conference.

 Loreate Student Speech Contest
Left : Katrien De Keukeleere, Student speech contest 2014 winner - Right : Olivier Malek, Best Thesis contest 2014 winner
Both are congratulated by Anne Leriche, President of the ECerS.

To obtain the abstracts of the conference, please click here.


«Development and Characterization of Oxygen
Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion»
Frans Snijkers

Prof. Zeger HENS from UGent 

«Surface Chemistry of Colloidal Nanocrystals: a solution NMR analysis»
Olivier MALEK from KULeuven
«Electrical Discharge Machinable Ceramic Composites»

Mieke DE SCHEPPER from UGent

«Completely Recyclable Concrete for a More Environment-Friendly Construction»
Jan Deckers from KULeuven
«Selective Laser Sintering and Melting as additive manufacturing methods to produce alumina parts»

Jonathan De Roo
Jonathan DE ROO from UGent

«The surface chemistry of metal oxide nanoparticles; theory and applications»
Nachiketa Ray from KULeuven
«Tungsten carbide based composites for circuit breaker applications»

Judith Pype from VITO

«Shaping of alumina microspheres using vibrational dropet coagulation»
Dominique Hautcoeur from BCRC

«Mechanical behaviour of porous anisotropic ceramics obtained by freeze casting: porosity gradient effect»

Katrien De Keukeleere from UGent

«Zirconia nanocrystals: effect of metal precursor on the crystalline phase and surface chemistry»

Thomas LAPAUW from KULeuven

«Rapid synthesis of fine-grained Ti2SnC produced by spark plasma sintering»


«Synthesis of hierarchically porous ZSM-5 catalyst for MTO»
Jonas BILLET from UGent

«Ordering of TiO2 nanoparticles to mesoporous structures»

Sandra ABDELOUHAB from BCRC Mons

«Monitoring tools coupled to a numerical model dedicated to a faster drying of refractory concrete linings»
Giulia Maino - UHasselt

«How to handle LiMn2O4 films as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries»

Poster Session